Spice of Life Storytelling is proud to tailor performances to the goals and needs of the intended audience.

Henning Public School

For students – Pre Kindergarten through Senior High –  at individual grade levels of a combination of several age groups – the presentations will be interactive, age appropriate, and fun!

For adults – Storytelling groups, story concerts, spoken word events – Spice of Life is perfect for your group or organization.  Funny, motivational, inspirational and unique for your audience.

For all ages – Community or storytelling festivals – indoors or outside under the tent!

“Patty has a gift for storytelling, a knack for connecting with kids, a love of children’s literature, and a commitment to always try to make something good still better.  I would strongly recommend her…”    Dotz, Children’s Services Librarian

One response to “Performances

  1. Hi Patty! This is Jolynn Werner. We met at the Writer’s Conference in Fergus. I am wondering how much you charge for a one-hour session. I am also curious if you have worked with the MSHSL Storytelling Category before as 7th through 12th graders in that category are the ones I am targeting.

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