Hmmm...There ARE stories to be found in dreams!

If you have questions about workshops feel free to call and visit with me!


Beginning Storytelling

Spice of Life offers workshops and educational residencies for new story tellers and story creators.  Workshops for all ages can be as short as one hour or can take several days.  Watching and working with beginning storytellers, of any age, is a great joy.  The rewards found in creating one’s own story are rich and varied.

For example, an adult may wish to bring the story of his or her family to the attention of relatives.  In this way, family traditions, values, and experiences can be treasured and passed along for future generations.  Truly a family legacy!

Children have no limits on their imaginations and are able to weave delightful tales from their everyday experiences and special memories.  To foster a child’s interest in viewing life as a “story” in progress  lays a foundation for being attentive of life’s experiences and the ability to relate their experience to others.

Early Literacy

Literacy is a family affair!  An early literacy workshop can provide the encouragement and direction needed to jump start reading excitement at home or in the classroom.Parents, grandparents, teachers and child care providers usually know and understand the value of reading aloud to children.  But everyone can use a reminder and a stem winder on the what, when, why and how of raising readers.

Perfect for Community Education/Early Childhood Family Education, Head Start parent classes, and Child Care Associations – a Spice of Life Read Aloud Workshop promises to build motivation and provide adults with easily incorporated tools to help them Bring Books and Stories to Life!

These workshops can be brief, 45 minute sessions added on to a Storytelling performance or more detailed and in-depth for a longer session.

Also available:

Books and Babies

Turn off the Media (sometimes) Turn on the Kids!

If you have questions about workshops feel free to call and visit with me!


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